Why Go, Bottle-Less? Let’s Talk About the Benefits

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Did you know more than one million bottle-less coolers are currently in use? That’s approximately 18% of total water coolers? So, if you run a POU dealership or are a distributor, we would like to congratulate you on making a great decision!

The (POU) bottle-less water cooler market is a rapidly expanding opportunity for:

  • Dealers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors of water quality products for commercial businesses

This market segment is growing at a double-digit rate, which is good news for dealerships looking to:

  • Fortify their recurring revenue stream
  • Increase customer retention

Commercial Organizations

More commercial organizations are going bottle-less because of these options:

  • Cost-effective
  • Better for the environment
  • Contributes to greater employee safety and wellness
  • Is simply more convenient

Newer, simpler, and more intuitive technology makes bottle-less coolers an attractive alternative to conventional bottled water coolers. So, it is a win-win proposition for your customers and your business.

Why Go, Bottle-Less?

Don’t worry. If you haven’t made the switch from bottle to bottle-less, it’s not too late!  And if you need a little push in the right direction-read on!

For Customers

For the customer, here are five reasons to go “bottle-less.”

1. Lower Cost

Up until recently, commercial customers have used bottled water coolers in waiting rooms for patrons and lounges for employees. The average cost of purchasing 5-gal containers of bottled water can add up to almost $150 per month for a small company if their employees are consuming roughly four bottles a week($9 per bottle/$36 per week).

This number moves into the double digits for larger businesses who often spend thousands of dollars per month on delivered bottles. When using bottle-less coolers, companies only pay a one-time installation charge and no monthly bottle delivery fees or surcharges.

Some companies who have switched to a POU system claim that they have saved between 20% to 50% each month.

2. Unlimited Supply

For your customer, having a bottle-less cooler is like having endless quality drinking water literally on tap. Your clients need not worry that their water supply will run out.

Whereas even a small business could easily drink 30-gal of bottled water every month and run out before they are done. This requires businesses to take on additional resources to cover the extra duty of bottled water inventory management.

3. Less Hassle

Customers no longer have to deal with heavy lifting, delivery or storage of 5-gal bottles, which weigh 42 lb each because bottle-less water comes directly from a building’s existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking.

Bottles are difficult to lift from the floor to the cooler, and sometimes don’t even have handles, which can contribute to the risk of injury.

4. Lower Maintenance

With POU systems, companies have no inventory or delivery receipts to manage.  Bottle-less coolers are easier to maintain with minimal service calls because they only require an annual or semi-annual maintenance check and filter replacement.

5. Better for the Environment

Reducing plastic bottle waste by not using large multi-gallon containers shrinks your customer’s environmental footprint. And the green benefits of POU systems multiply even more when you consider that there are no emissions from large diesel-burning trucks required to deliver bottled water.

For Dealers

For the dealers, here are four reasons and benefits to go “bottle-less.”

1. Steady Cash Flow

After a small, one-time installation charge, you will be charging customers a contracted monthly equipment rental fee. Thus, you can expect most businesses to keep POU coolers an average of six years, which is four to five times longer than bottled water customers.

2. Fewer Cancellations

Because customers have to deal with fewer hassles (see below) they do not cancel service nearly as often as with bottled water services.

  • Deliveries
  • Lifting
  • Inventory
  • Billing variability

So, if you can make the system nearly hassle-free, they won’t even think about that monthly check they are writing.

3. Easy Installation

POU coolers are very easy to install and can be done in one visit. The unit hooks up to a water main off the sink or another existing water source. Then, the water is purified through a filter or RO system and dispensed through a water cooler.

4. High Demand

These systems are in high demand. And there is a consistent stream of new innovative new technologies in the industry helps to drive product demand and sales.

POU bottle-less coolers are in high demand for a very good reason. They provide many benefits to dealers and customers alike.

For end-user companies, going bottle-less helps business leaders:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lessen their company’s environmental impact
  • Contribute to employee safety and wellness

This means that as the dealer, you have very strong selling points and a product that can solve pain points easily and effectively.

New Advances in POU Technology

For example, new advances in POU technology afford even more opportunities to attract customers and encourage repeat business for years to come. If you are a dealer looking to build a steady revenue stream and a more loyal customer base, then POU is for you.

We Are Here for You

So, if you want to discuss the POU systems benefits to your business, our team of experts is here for you!

Lastly, we’ve been in the water business for over 20 years and know it inside and out. We offer products that we believe in and know benefits your company.

And, we follow up every sale with great customer service! We’ll take care of you!

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Why Go, Bottle-Less? Let's Talk About the Benefits
If you haven’t made the switch from bottle to bottle-less, it’s not too late! Don’t worry. If you need a little push in the right direction-read on for the benefits!
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