Point-of-Use Water Systems Are Here to Stay!

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Point-of-use (POU) and POE water systems offices have many benefits. And, as with most businesses, quality of product and service can make or break you.

Remember, no two customers are exactly alike. In this post, we will go over ways to overcome your competition!

Offer Peace of Mind

For instance, keep the contract for your water solution simple. Immediately calm their concerns about:

  • What system to choose
  • Hiring a plumber for the installation
  • What to do if the system is not operating correctly
  • How to replace filters
  • Who to call for system maintenance and repair

Deliver Programmatic Solutions

Deliver solutions for purchasing managers who demand a budgeted and managed program across multiple locations with detailed reports on:

  • Assets
  • Spending
  • Service history

Be a Water Expert Partner

Particularly if they are in charge of sourcing a large installation that demands a custom solution and equipment particular to the water conditions and location/building environment.

Familiarize Yourself

Know each customer, gauge their specific needs, and then deliver the appropriate sales pitch and equipment advice. Remember,  consumers have different reasons for why they purchase a water treatment product.

Use Simple Language

Some customers do not fully understand water chemistry and industry jargon and feel uncomfortable around salespeople. Customers may come to you having already educated themselves, while others would like more education from a fully dedicated and knowledgeable expert.

Know Water Contamination Issues

Get to know the customer’s current water quality through testing. Water characteristics are different in every town in America.

So, if you are already familiar with the area’s needs, you will be in a great position to match the treatment method to the water quality in that area.

Build Your Brand

If you emphasize quality follow-up service, you will have a competitive edge over retailers who do not prioritize customer service. A customer who feels taken care of is more likely to be a repeat customer— and tell their friends about your business or service.

Emphasize Advantage

The customer needs to know what they will gain by using a commercial dealer. For instance, ensure they understand if they buy a POU through a retailer, they will be installing it themselves or finding someone else to do it. However, if a professional installs the system, there is less risk of leak or installation failure.

Know Current Trends

The current trend of promoting drinking water as a healthy lifestyle practice is invaluable to POU dealers. Another current trend is that office managers enhance the workplace to meet employees’ interests and boost morale.

Being able to offer hot water, cold water, and ice are highly attractive perks. Many companies are also excited about the ability to offer coffee and ice tea to their employees.

Address Health Safety Concerns

So, most educated consumers are already familiar with the recent bacteria issues that have arisen in some POU’s.

It’s important to have sanitization options for coolers, including an ozone generator or UV system in the water coolers. This plan allows for daily sanitization and removes concerns about natural bacteria growth.

Create a Customized Plan

Another way your business can outshine the others is to create a customized and fully thought-out proposal for potential customers.

And, having a customized plan in place will immediately let the customer know your staff are experts and can be trusted with their business. Here are some ideas about what to include in the proposal.

Water Unit Features

Match the water unit features to the needs of that particular workplace.


Supply the decision-maker with whatever they need to communicate the system’s features and the health and wellness benefits of drinking water to the workplace population.

Premium Systems

For instance, offer premium purification systems. Include advanced technologies, such as:

  • RO filtration
  • In-tank UV sanitization
  • Key machine certifications, such as UL and NSF

Budget Management

Provide for predictable budget management and predictable machine performance.

Meet Their Needs

Meet the needs of the workplace with a variety of water offerings when appropriate. And, this may include chilled, hot and sparkling water and often the addition of an ice solution.

Quality Installation

Offer and perform a quality installation that includes tapping into the:

  • Building water supply
  • Managing pressure issues
  • Installing leak prevention and detection systems

Service Plan

Create a service plan that ensures optimum machine performance over time through proactive, preventative maintenance. For example, the plan should include:

  • Filter changes
  • Sanitization
  • Hot tank descaling when necessary

The workplace decision-maker overlooks many of these necessary tasks.

Present Warranties

Assure the decision-maker by clearly presenting warranties on equipment and insurance coverage in case of system failures.

Respond Quickly

Have a system in place so you can respond to service needs, repairs, and emergencies to ensure minimum interruption of water service.

We Can Help

For example, customize a sales pitch, treatment solution, and service around each specific account. Then, follow through with certified, proven equipment with all the features needed to match the consumer’s needs.

That’s been our approach at The Waterways for over 20 years— and it works! It’s been important for us to go beyond delivering high-quality products.

And, we want to make the whole process easy and valuable for our customers too. We are committed to standing by you even after the purchase with:

  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Prompt response times

Lastly, that way, you can run your business worry-free, knowing The Waterways is there when you need us.

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Point-of-Use Water Systems Are Here to Stay!
POU water systems are here to stay. And you can now affordably install POU units. The Waterways Company can help you with any POU Sales.
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