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Bottom Load/Point-of-Use

Contemporary, state of art design, fits into any home or office decor. This water cooler has many features including variable hot and cold water temperature controls and a large LED display with touch screen control.

  • Graceful design, easy to maintain and convenient to use
  • Food grade stainless steel (SUS304) hot tank & cooling tank
  • Large and durable drip tray
  • High quality & efficient compressor for reliable and consistent performance
  • 2 years limited warranty

Technical Data & Specifications


The cooler was built with ABS plastic front panels, showing more detail beauty, and metal side panels to give durable support.

Cold Water Refrigeration Unit

Convection cooled condenser. Internal, spring mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication needed.

Cold Water Reservoir

Food grade stainless steel SUS304, 0.95 gallon (3.6 liter) reservoir. Provides superior chilling for great tasting water. Highly polished surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Hot Water Tank

Food grade stainless steel type SUS304, 0.32 gallon (1.2 liter) capacity. The 520 watts heating element ensures precise temperature control. Removable thermostat and heating element ease service.

Cooling & Heating Capacities at Room Temperature

Cooling Power 75 watts
Cold Water Temperature 39°F-50°F (4-10°C)
Cold Water Capacity 0.53 gallon (2L) per hour
Heating Power 520 watts
Hot Water Temperature 174°F-196°F (79-91°C)
Hot Water Capacity 1.32 gallon (5L) per hour

Shipping Dimensions

Height 49.8 in. (1264mm)
Width 15.2 in. (387mm)
Depth 17.7in. (450mm)

Shipping Weights

Hot & Cold 46.3 lbs. (21kg)

Container Loading Quantity

20′ Container 75 units
40′ Container 310 units

Cooler Dimensions

Height 46.7 in. (1185mm)
Width 12.6 in. (320mm)
Depth 15.3 in. (388mm)

Cooler Weights

Hot & Cold 44.1 lbs. (20kg)

Technical Specifications

Stream - Point of Use4MBDownload
Stream - Bottom Load4MBDownload

User Manuals & Warranties

Stream - Bottom Load2MBDownload
Stream - Point of Use1MBDownload

Troubleshooting Documents

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