Staying Hydrated: Ways to Drink More Water  

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How much water do you drink daily? Some days you probably drink more than others, and even though it seems like such a simple task, it’s actually a thing many people have problems with.

In fact, a report came out in June 2018, citing that 80% of American adults believed they weren’t drinking enough water!  

Based on Individual Needs

While the right amount of water that we should drink will depend largely on our individual needs, weight, health concerns, the climate we’re exposed to, etc. we know that even mild dehydration can affect us all the same and have negative health consequences. 

If you struggle to drink as much water as you need we’ve got a few ideas, whether you’re at work, at home, or on the road check out some of our top ideas for staying hydrated.  

These tips are all easy steps you can take that will have huge payoffs for your overall health! Go through our list and take note of the items that seem doable for you and your lifestyle. If you’re guilty of reaching for a soda or coffee more often than water, try some of these tips for upping your water intake! 

1. Track Your Intake

Ok, so maybe you try really hard to drink water, but you forget! We’ve all been there, but here’s a fix: log your water consumption. 

If you’re someone that’s always on their phone, head to the app store and choose from any of the dozens of FREE and cheap waterlogging apps.

Not enough space in your phone for another app? No problem! Stick a post-it note on your laptop and mark a tally every time you have a glass of water.

2. Add Flavor

Do you generally opt for sodas because you don’t like the plain taste of water? There are some truly simple and healthy solutions for this! Add fruit to your water bottle or keep a pitcher in your fridge with different fruits ready to go.

Pro tip: Freeze fruits like strawberries, blueberries, lemon, or even grapes and drop it in your water bottle on your way out of the house. You can even get simple and squeeze lemon juice or throw some mint leaves to spice up your H2O.

3. Make It Fun

Are you easily distracted by the shiny new toy? Get yourself a fun, personalized, or stylish water bottle that will make drinking water a part of your routine in no time. There are tons of options out there for some really high-quality bottles!  

4. Get a Water Dispenser

There’s no easier way to remind yourself to drink water than by investing in a premium water dispenser, like one of theproductsfrom Waterways.

Our top of the line water dispensers offer easy to use features with high-end aesthetics. Browse through our line and find the best fit for your space!

5. Make a Compromise

We’re not saying you have to give up your coffee or soda completely, but we propose you find a compromise. Make a deal with yourself that every time you have a soda or coffee, you’ll have a glass of water within 30 minutes of drinking your caffeinated beverage.

The same goes for alcoholic beverages if you’re going to happy hour or even a neighbor’s BBQ, make sure you have a water in between every alcoholic drink! 

6. Start Your Day with Water

Once you introduce something into your routine, it can easily become a habit. Keep a bottle of water next to your bed, in your car, or wherever and pledge to drink the entire bottle every morning at the start of your day. After you start your day hydrated you’ll be more likely to reach for another glass. 

7. Get Bubbly

Are you not so attached to soda, but just like the fizz? Try drinking seltzer every once in a while, you still get the fizzy carbonation but none of the sugar.

Even if you don’t always drink seltzer, having these bubbles in the mix can certainly make it easier to stay hydrated. 

8. Challenge Yourself

If you’re the type of person that likes a little push, you’ll love this 30-day challenge. Commit to drinking a gallon every day for a month.

We’re sure you’ve seen pictures on Pinterest or Instagram of people carrying around gallons of watermarked with timestamps, if not do a quick google search.

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  • Which of the above tips do you think will work best for you?
  • Would you modify any or add something else to our list?

Whatever method you choose we hope that you’re successful in introducing more hydration into your daily life!  

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Staying Hydrated: Ways to Drink More Water  
Drinking water is important to keep us in good health, but most adults don't drink enough. Here are eight simple ways to drink more water.   
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