The Importance of Sales Leadership

The Importance of Sales Leadership
April 28th, 2021 1 Comments

Sales trends are constantly changing as we learn more about human behaviors and culture. To keep on top of sales trends and tactics, leadership is necessary to manage and set strategies that will motivate others and achieve results.

As a leader, it is easy to be biased about your leadership style. However, how will you know that you are using an effective style that positively impacts you and your sales team?

Leadership is more than managing people. A great leader has more than just good charisma, powerful motivational speeches, and other good personal traits. A good sales leader will utilize their talents wisely. And lead the sales team in a way that they want to follow. And not just because they have to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.


Roles of the Sales Leader

A major role of a sales leader is to help their team achieve their goals and bring results. Today’s efficient sales leaders must be observant, flexible, and adapt their leadership style to reflect the ever-changing circumstances around them. A sales team leader is expected to have the following roles in a company.


Assist Managers in Sales Strategy Development

A sales team leader is responsible for setting the vision and strategy and instilling a sales culture in the team. They assist the sales manager by developing strategic sales plans that expand the customer base and ensure the company maintains a strong presence in the industry. They work hand in hand with the sales manager to motivate the sales team to succeed.

Development and Planning

The sales leader is responsible for setting the vision. They will create strategies that will achieve the company’s sales goals and repeatable revenues. To help a sales leader plan more effectively and hit targets, they must continue to keep themselves informed of the latest trends and develop a deep knowledge of the products and services being offered.

Recruit, Train, and Coach the Sales Team

After setting the vision and strategies, sales leaders will help define sales job requirements. They will also assist in the recruitment process by aligning the goals with the right people and help them nurture their skill sets.

As sales leaders, they are responsible for providing sales team members with tips and training to help them compete and become the best. Sales leadership also involves coaching their team to help improve their job performance and sales.


Set Sales Targets and Motivate the Sales Team

Sales targets and goals help motivate the team to work to their best of their capabilities. When you set targets and work hard to meet them as a leader, you set an example for all the employees, who will also strive to achieve them.

When you see your team does their best to understand the importance of working better, you should give out incentives and rewards.

Why Sales Leadership is Important

Every organization needs a trusted sales leader to help the company generate repeatable revenues from tried and tested approaches. When the team trusts their leader, it positively changes the company and promotes a good organizational sales culture.

Other reasons why sales leadership is important includes:

  • It attracts more customers as they will respect and trust you because naturally, people are drawn towards leaders.
  • Practicing leadership will help your organization view things from a broader perspective. This will allow you to have a human-centric approach when setting sales targets and plans.
  • Leaders are more receptive to changes and learning about new things. A true leader continues to learn and urges the company to keep up with sales trends.


Top Qualities of a Good Sales Leader

Successful sales leaders must have personal traits such as compassion, communication, and drive. And professional characteristics such as being great at planning, using strategic approaches, and good managerial skills.

This, combined with their knowledge of the sales industry, current trends, and best practices, aligns with creating a great leader.  When looking for someone to fill the shoes of a sales leadership role, they must have the following qualities.


A Good Listener

Listening allows you to gain more clarity and knowledge. By actively listening to feedback from your team members, it will lead to a better understanding of customers’ needs and help you formulate sales tactics that will generate more results. Good leaders look beyond what is presented by their team to identify underlying issues which can poorly affect their performance.



A good sales leader is ready to research and learn to equip themselves with the resources and tactics needed when faced with a challenge. A significant role of a sales leader is to build internal and external relationships. And be resourceful to know when to leverage all they can to get the work done.


Strategic Leadership

Strategic qualities are essential to be a good leader. They have to possess the knowledge to tactically put plans together and develop the best course of action that will get results. A good leader knows how to put strategies in place that will run the business and the team to help everyone perform at their best and achieve profitable results.


Operationally Minded

As a sales leader, you should always be ready to lead an organization’s operations, whether it’s something you already know or something you need to learn. With every process that you may be in charge of, you must ensure that you pay attention to every detail involved to lead by example. By doing so, your team members or employees will learn firsthand to be more mindful when implementing the plan and reaching sales targets.


Hiring Talent

This comes down to the ability of a sales leader to recognize and hire quality talent. They need to be a magnet to the skilled employees as this will determine the organization’s success or failure. Some of the top quality skills that sales leaders should look for in people include relationship builders, persuasion, and experience.


How to be a successful sales leader


Delegate Tasks and Set Deadlines

Sales team leaders delegate tasks to sales staff. They know how to assign tasks to the team members with the best skills and guide staff members to ensure the work is done well. A successful sales leader recognizes that they can’t do everything by themselves. They need to assign others with the skills and required knowledge to get the job done.


Give Feedback

Give effective feedback when required in tandem with positive words of encouragement. When you provide feedback to a team member, you must ensure that your feedback includes the behavior you are specifically highlighting, the impact it has, and a way forward to improve on their actions.


Don’t employ a one-size-fits-all coaching style. Instead, leaders should adapt their style to suit each individual.


Emotional Intelligence

Sales leaders should not be afraid to show emotions and care for their team. After all, they are essentially armchair psychologists. When leaders show others empathy, it is easier for them to connect with people and understand them. Being caring also involves giving honest feedback that will build a person’s character and motivate them. This encourages their team to trust them and stick with them to achieve desired results.


What Should Sales Leaders Focus On?

Sales processes and trends are ever-changing, and in the past ten years, so much has changed. However, the past year has brought so much uncertainty in every area, including sales.

No one saw the pandemic coming, which forced companies to adjust their approaches and strategies to the new normal of doing things. In adapting to the unforeseeable changes, sales leaders have learned so much, which will shape the focus of the sales leaders in 2021.


Embracing the Changes

Change is a thing we can count on. Instead of running away from the changes that happen every so often, you should embrace the change and grow. As new trends come and go, we have no choice but to adapt our thinking and reaction to new situations. Sales leaders can embrace change by being agile, engaging, and empowering their teams. A strong team comes from the ability to wither and rise from challenges and changes together.

Some of the changes in the past year that many sales leaders have had to embrace and adapt to include:

  • Remote working
  • Online meetups and conferencing (zoom)
  • A more empathetic approach to selling products and services
  • Websites have become a crucial marketing vehicle


Establish Strategies for Customer Engagement

After the initial response to uncertainty due to pandemic and other changes, it is time for sales leaders to focus on new strategic goals and ways to reach their customers. One way to do this is to establish effective plans by listening to feedback from customers.

It is a sales leader’s responsibility to assess the customer’s needs as they change with new trends and challenges. This will help them understand the opportunities that can be leveraged to acquire more customers as they solve and provide what they need.


Strengthen Communication Skills

A major key to the success of many things is communication. Proper communication allows for a better understanding of plans and hence a smooth execution. To be an even better sales leader, you must constantly improve your communication skills, contributing to a more productive organization. Good communication skills are built by listening, thinking before you speak, note things down, and being considerate of others. You should choose a communication style that fits your organization and team’s needs.


Encourage Teamwork

An organization thrives on unity and teamwork. Each member of the team has their contribution to play in the success of the department. As a sales leader, you are responsible for bringing your team together and assist your sales manager in performing their activities in a calm, effective environment. Sales managers deal with team members directly and often have to support them daily. Establishing a good relationship with managers, team leaders, and team members will encourage teamwork in your organization.



In many scenarios, leadership is associated with having a strategic plan, good leaders, and a good team. However, for any sales leader and salesperson having a good positive mindset will impact the sales of the products and services. When sales leaders possess a positive attitude, the sales team feels the energy, and it inspires them to follow in their footsteps. This, in turn, creates good sales habits for the organization.


A Person Is Not Only Born to Be a Leader But Also Made to Be a Leader

With time and effort, anyone can gain leadership skills. One way of getting the knowledge and gaining skills is by accepting help from experts. Now is the perfect time to revisit your sales strategies and plan to align them with the current times we live in.

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