Top Loading Vs Bottom Loading Water Dispensers: Which is Better?

Top Loading Vs Bottom Loading Water Dispensers
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We all depend on clean and safe water to survive. An average person drinks at least 2 liters of water daily. With this necessity, water dispensers provide a needed convenience to many households and office spaces.

Water dispensers are an environmentally friendly option to bottled water. They cool or heat up and dispense drinking water. They are a much-needed convenience to an everyday need. And have become a necessity to many office spaces. However, not every water dispenser is constructed the same way.

Types of Water dispensers

Let’s look at top loading water dispenser vs bottom loading dispenser, their benefits, and features.

Top Loading Dispensers

As the name suggests, these dispensers use water bottle jugs placed on the top of the cooler and feed the water tank below directly. Top loading dispensers use an air pipe to instantly push down the water and supply cool and hot water.

Benefits of Top-Loading Dispensers

  • Most top loading dispensers are lightweight, making them easier for carrying and for convenience.
  • The body is made of high-strength plastic construction, which is easy to maintain.
  • It makes it easy to access water and provides a more convenient way to drink water.
  • Provides an instant supply of cold and warm water.

Features of Top Loading Dispensers

Case in point, our best-selling top-loading water dispenser the Gibraltar, is perfect for home or office use. It is consistent in performance, competitive pricing, and a one-piece cabinet of high-density polyethylene with UV resistance additives make this cooler a popular long-life unit. Its distinctive features include the below:

  • Graceful design made of high strength plastic
  • Food grade stainless steel (SUS304) hot tank and cooling tank
  • Large and durable drip tray
  • High-quality and efficient compressor for reliable and consistent performance
  • Available in white or black
  •  2-year limited warranty

Bottom Loading Dispensers

Bottom-loading water dispensers have the vessel mounted at the bottom of the unit to make loading easier. The dispenser comes with a cap and hose that fit over the top of the bottle and extend down to the bottom, which connects to the bottled water jug and will pump up the water necessary to fill the tanks once you press down the tap.

To install the water, slide the bottle into the base of the water cooler, and you’re done. They come in a shorter design to allow enough room for the water bottle that is stored at the base, which makes it a good option for those with small or limited spaces.

Benefits of Bottom Loading Dispensers

  • This dispenser is a simple and effective water cooler that is easy to install and designed for simple maintenance.
  • They reduce potential accidents from spills that can come from replenishing the water bottle.
  • The bottom loading design reduces any strain from lifting the heavy jugs and prevents back injury.
  • It has a modern, sleek design that provides a neat, cleaner look and can blend more easily into your kitchen aesthetics.

Features of Bottom Loading Dispensers

This freestanding bottom loading dispenser is perfect for the utmost convenience in a contemporary, state-of-the-art design that fits into any home or office decor. Featuring our top highlighted bottom loading dispenser the Brook, this water cooler has many features, including variable hot and cold temperature controls and a large LED display with touch screen controls. More features include:

  • Sleek design, easy to maintain, and convenient to use.
  • Food grade stainless steel (SUS304) hot tank and cooling tank.
  • Large and durable drip tray.
  • High-quality and efficient compressor for reliable and consistent performance.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Built-in leak detectors, secondary float, and pressure regulators are included with every model.

Comparing Top Loading vs. Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

It is essential to know the different types of (bottled) water dispensers to understand which one will suit your needs. Apart from the point of use dispensers, there are top loading and bottom loading water dispensers. Choosing the right dispenser will depend on the circumstances and the needs of the buyer.

We compare top and bottom loading water dispensers in four main categories: cost, water quality, set-up, and refilling:

Water Quality

Top Loading

In general, all jugs contain clean and filtered water to ensure people consume healthy water. However, the methods of water purification will differ from one company to another. The common purification treatment includes using carbon filters to remove heavy metals and pesticides, ultraviolet light to breakdown and destroy microbes, and ozonation to kill off any germs.

The company also removes any residual chlorine, so the jug’s water tastes a little cleaner than the water that comes out of the tap. These jugs are supplied by companies such as Crystal Springs and Sparkletts and undergo extensive filtration before they arrive at your door.

Bottom Loading

The bottom loading water dispensers model features stainless steel tanks to keep the water chilled. This stainless steel tank does not impart odors or flavors like plastic can to your water, which means you get fresh and clean tasting drinking water. The water jugs used in the bottom loading dispensers are the same as those used for top loading dispensers. Hence the water quality remains the same.


Top Loading

Top loading water dispensers are easy and hassle-free to set up. These dispensers are lightweight with no more than forty pounds of weight as they consist of a lightweight, high-strength plastic material.

The electrical set-up needed is a standard electrical outlet with enough space above it for the water bottle to fit in easily. Installing the water jug into the dispenser is easy. Simply hold the water bottle vertically straight upside down and place the water bottle into the support collar on top of the water dispenser. The post in the collar will push the stopper into the bottle.

Bottom Loading

Bottom loading water dispensers have the same build construction as the top loading water dispensers. They both have the same features in terms of weight, design, and materials used. They are easy to move and maneuver, just like its counterpart.

Nonetheless, bottom-loading water dispensers come in a compact design, which is one of their primary advantages. The main difference between the two is that the bottom loading dispensers the water jug is placed at the bottom, hence the water pump is used to draw water up into the water tank.


Top Loading

To refill a top loading water dispenser, you have to lift the water bottle and place it on top of the fixture. Most water dispensers carry at least a 5-gallon water bottle or more, which can be heavy for many and you must handle it with caution. When picking up the water bottle jug, make sure you do it correctly to avoid injuries. It would be best if you squatted down to your knees to lift.

Bottom Loading

On the other hand, refilling a bottom-loading water dispenser is relatively easy. Peel the top of the bottle’s seal to refill and fit the cap from the dispenser over it, and the hose will extend down to the bottom. When it is perfectly fitted, slide the bottle into the base of the water cooler, and you’re done. These water dispensers do not require a lot of lifting, and the risk of spilling water is minimum.


Top Loading

Depending on the type and the make of the dispenser, on average top loading water ranges from $110 – $200, and they are the least expensive water dispensers on the market. Most top-loading dispensers can be purchased cheaply. The maintenance cost is not too high since the water jugs can be refilled manually or at refill stations. You can add a flat fee charge to some delivery companies stead of charging you per bottle, and their rates are usually better.

Bottom Loading

In general, bottom-loading water dispensers are on a higher side of the cost than top-loading water dispensers. This is due mainly to the modern compact design that most of the bottom loading dispensers possess. Purchase costs for a unit may vary from different vendors due to the functionality and water dispenser model. Once the unit is bought, the operation cost is very low, which goes mainly to refill the water bottles.

Advantages and Benefits of the Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are gaining more popularity and are something that you can find in many offices. Installing a water dispenser in an office have proven to be advantageous for many and below are some of the benefits that employees enjoy:

Easy Access to Drinking Water

Proper hydration contributes a large part to motivation and high performance to the best of our abilities. Having clean freshwater consistently available ensures that employees are going to drink more water. Therefore, investing in a water dispenser for the office will increase employees’ morale, leading to higher productivity.

It Helps Maintain a Sugar-Free Diet

The absence of readily available water will most likely prompt us to fill up on drinks high in sugar. Drinking the recommended intake of at least 2.5 liters of water a day can be hard, and clean, fresh water is not readily available. While in the short run it may make us feel better, in the long run, it could have a very negative effect on their health, resulting in an increase in absent days and a regression in performance.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Everyone needs to drink clean and safe water to stay healthy. Instead of water contaminated with harmful particles, installing water dispensers will help you ensure that they are only putting clean water into their bodies and showing your employees that you care for their well-being.

Value for Money

If you buy lots of bottled water, it should work out cheaper to join at the cost of around twenty pounds a month. You get all the triple-filtered, purified, hot, and cold water you want. The more you drink, the cheaper it gets – it’s not magic – it’s just maths!

Easy Installation

The installation of water coolers is straightforward. The first-time installment is handled by the company you purchase the dispenser from. Replacing the water bottles is easy, and anyone can do it.

Easy Maintenance

All that is needed to maintain the dispenser is cleaning it once a week and refilling the water bottles once they are finished. This is an easy task for anyone as it does not require much expertise. If you need replacement parts to fix something, then these can be found with the company you purchased the water dispenser.

Choosing the Right Dispenser System

A water dispenser is exactly the solution you need to up your drinking water game with readily accessible clean and safe water. There are various types and models that you can purchase to instill the new water dispenser habits.

There are all-white dispensers, stainless steel models, and many more that blend with your surroundings or touch modern class to the office. And there are bottom loading, top-loading, freestanding, wall-mounted water dispensers. Other options come with dry storage compartments for cups and bottles, which provide safety and reduces cross-contamination without cluttering the space.

The choice you make will depend on your needs and specifications. Regardless of the option you make between the types of water dispensers, the benefits remain the same for any of your choices.

We Are Here for You

To help make the right choice, contact us today and speak with our team of experts who have knowledge and experience in handling dispenser systems. Also, our website has many handy tips and information that will help you in choosing the right product for you.

We’re here to help you with your premium water dispenser needs whenever you need us!

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